Executive Coaching, a professional development tool, assists executives of businesses, organizations, and corporations with organizational challenges.  An essential activity, executives enhance their management and leadership skills with the assistance of our independent agent, the coach.

Executive Coaching:  Key Elements

• Individual Time Commitment • Openness • Trust • Interest
• Acceptance of Change • Self-confidence • Flexibility
• Organizational Support • Follow-through • Mutual Respect
•  Accountability

Executive Coaching
orchestrates a partnership between an executive and a sponsoring organization.  It enhances operational effectiveness. This strategic process helps an executive recognize, face, and deal with organizational and leadership challenges. The executive coaching concept establishes a one-to-one, hands-on relationship between the executive and an independent agent. This relationship assists in:

• Identifying individual/organizational challenges
• Fine-tuning performance and productivity
• Clarifying individual value and role in the organization/corporation
• Identifying executive options
• Providing executive support
• Determining executive and organizational fit
• Providing a mentoring relationship for the executive
• Facilitating an acceptance to change
• Identifying areas for enhancing customer service

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